A Stash Of Digital Cash – Field Day For Online Wallets!

With heated debates being conducted on the US presidential elections, Modi delivered an offensive last night stating that currency denominations of 500 and 1000 will be demonetized.


A stash of Digital cash - Field day for online wallets

The rules of the Modi game:

  • Deposit all your 500 and 1000 rupee notes in banks, post office accounts
  • Exchange these notes in banks showing ID proof between November 10 and December 30
  • Withdrawal stays inactive on Nov 9th and 10th
  • Post 11th withdrawal limit of 20,000 INR per week

The purpose:

Eradicate black money from the Indian economy and stop counterfeiting

ATMs ran dry, with kilometer long queues in front of each kiosk and the war cry of 400 rupees rampant in high decibel levels!

Although the purpose of this whirlwind announcement was to bring to light, the escapists and the corrupt citizens, commoners have taken a bad hit everywhere.

Indian economy runs on cash system and stopping circulation lays halt to daily activities that are as basic as traveling to work or buying medicines.

With so much hue and cry over countless losing their sleep over counting currencies, online wallets like PAYTM, Freecharge, Mobikwik, OLA Money and Oxigen wallet took to their social media accounts and created a storm with revolutionary campaign slogans.

Their posts spelt wit, presence of mind and clever usage of the situation to address the immediate problems of the common man.

These campaigns encourage people to push their money to their online wallet accounts in order to stay safe from the scramble! This solution is as simple as inhaling air, but this solution has risen to the occasion.

PAYTM’s twitter slogan:


Paytm's twitter slogan

OLA Money’s tweet:


ola money's tweetMobikwik says:


Payment option for every commodity today has been integrated with online wallets and today, when many people queue up to push the now worthless currencies, smarter people distribute their wealth between their online wallet accounts.

Now, this is a quick and smart move when this money is to be eventually spent on purchasing and availing basic commodities.

Online wallet service providers went several steps ahead and rendered edge to the competition with attractive offers for people to avail as well as attract new users, because this is the best time to go cashless in your wallet and pay online.

Today is the day when the central government takes an intelligent step towards sweeping off corruption from its list of issues.

Today is the day when people understand the value of having an online stash!

Collaborator: Shruti Balakrishnan

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