7 things recruiters don't want to see on your resume!

Resume- The few pages you write about your achievements that ultimately decide whether the company recruits you or not. After all, no recruiter has the time and patience to personally interact with the hundreds of applicants for the job. Thus comes resume in the picture for filtering out the deserving candidates from the rest. So in the end, it’s up to those few A4 pages of information to decide whether you get a job or not. As one can very easily see how crucial a resume is, it becomes a necessity to create one according to the demands of the company. Though the resume is written for showing out your achievements and capabilities, one shouldn’t overdo it just to increase the number of lines on the resume. The quality should always come first than quantity while creating a resume as that’s what recruiters look for while skimming through the pages. Keeping this in mind, there are certain things a recruiter would never want to see in a resume.


7 things recruiters don't want to see on your resume


Resume resembling a rainbow

Making a colourful resume is good, but putting in all known colours is definitely not. One should always stick to a particular colour theme of not more than two colours to avoid giving an immature look to the resume. Effort should be given for highlighting the achievements, not for changing the font colours. The colours chosen for the fonts should contrast each other and be easily visible to the reader. For instance; red and black is one of the most used colours while creating a resume.


Putting extra effort in writing big words instead of big achievements

Avoid excessive jargon and be mindful that the person reading it may not be a technical or industry expert, however they will know what to look out for. Using words like “obstreperous” in place of simply using “difficult” will only be able to project your vocabulary skills to the employer not the achievements. Ensure you include instantly recognisable authentic keywords throughout your resume because definitely no one has the time to check the dictionary for each line.


Using an email id even a high school student won’t use

Yes. The email ID is also important while drafting a resume. No one would ever want to recruit a guy with the email ID for the job unless and until he is applying for being a Disc Jockey. The email should always have a professional touch to it and shouldn’t be too long or too short. It’s better to create a new ID for the purpose of applying to jobs to get all relevant mails at one place itself.




Putting up participation in place of achievements

Being nominated for the post of school captain is not considered to be an achievement and shouldn’t be put under the same. There is a clear distinction between the P and the A word that one should grasp before creating a resume.


Showing technical skills like Microsoft Office

Being good at creating a word document is nice but putting the same on the resume clearly isn’t. Every recruiter is of the opinion that the person applying for the job knows at least the basics of MS Office and hence putting the same will only create a negative impact on the mind of the recruiter.


Showing off your physical self

Unless and until you are applying specifically for a field requiring a toned body with ripped abs like modelling, there is no necessity to put all of this in a resume. Recruiters hire a person for his skills not the physique.


Using incorrect grammar and punctuations

Whatever you write, the employer is going to picture you according to that. Using correct words and grammar is a must while writing a resume and should be able to create a positive impact on the mind of the recruiter. You might be having technical skills but they are of no use if one is not able to project them correctly on the resume.

Collaborators: Melwyn Mathew and Madhumitha Sundaramurthi


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