5 tips and tricks to build an effective SEO Campaign for your organization

Have you been worrying about getting better leads from inbound marketing? Are you still puzzled over capturing a bigger customer base online? Is website traffic  something that is of greater concern right now? SEO answers all these queries. Digital marketing firms or SEO experts help companies strategize their SEO better by giving more focused and clear idea of how the whole thing has to be taken ahead.

doodleblue figures out few quick tips and tricks to get your company’s website to be listed in the top search engine results for your customer’s queries -


Tip 1: Content - the prime-mover.

While writing content for your website, make sure it hits out to your target audience. Content includes everything from the meta-description your web-site, the header description and the entire website content. All of them have to be interesting, relevant to a visitor, shareable and  should allow visitors to subscribe and  comment on. Social media platforms and blogs are great ways to keep fresh content rolling. Title: one of the most important  ranking factor for search engines, has to be fewer than 10 words, but should describe the entire work in a compelling manner. Content can be text, images and motion videos. The right content has to be chosen. Hyperlinking relevant text to the URLs will help direct appropriate target customers to the website.


Tip 2 : Carefully Chosen Keywords

Focusing on being everything to everyone in an SEO? Certainly impossible. Choose your keywords carefully. Clearly analyse how your customers would be getting to your website, what are the keywords that will lead them to you. Use Google’s free tools like the keyword planner to get an idea of the keywords you must focus on. Understand the competition for each keyword and the average number of searches for every keyword. Create a link and an association of the keywords with your company.


Tip 3: Link Building

This is one great way to bring in traffic. Link network construction involves a lot of time and patience. Links compliment relevant content and bring in website traffic. Links within websites would help to boost individual ranks of each page or post within the website.Inbound -links could help to build page priority.The trick here is to search for those pages which have a high standing in google and choose pages which are relevant to you.Guest posting in blogs and news sites is another way of going about.


Tip 4 : Metrics Matter

Monitoring the metrics play an important role to check the effectiveness of the SEO activities. Set up a Google Analytics account for your website. It is necessary that you embed the analytics code into your website’s code in order to get it working. Other social network sites like Hubspot have their own softwares to track the performance of the off-page SEO being done. Softwares like owler help you keep an eye on what you competitors are doing and will keep you in line with them.

Tip 5 : Power of UGCs

User Generated Content improves the websites and the company's reliability to a viewer.UGCs play a great role especially in platforms like twitter, youtube, LinkedIn groups; where traffic is very high. When influencers having a large followers promote a blog post or write something about a firm, it is bound to get a lot of viewership and hence comprehend inbound marketing.This also serves as an effective strategy to build up as a brand and bring in trust. 

How does SEO work?

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