5 Free Apps of a New Yorker

While living or visiting New York City, there are a few basic necessities almost everyone will need to have. Luckily, the iPhone app developers of New York have come to the rescue, creating mobile apps that allow New Yorkers to live with ease, giving them everything they need through the push of a button. Here are a few that you might find handy if you ever find yourself in this unique city.

1. Looking for some romance?


Mobile apps of a New Yorker

If you’re single, and looking to meet and date fellow New Yorkers, Tinder is a wildly popular app to do so. While not exclusive to NYC, Tinder seems to have an incredibly high number of users in the densely populated NY area, making it relatively easy to find someone for you. Based on your criteria —including gender(s) you want to pursue, an age range, and radial distance— you will be shown possible matches that you can swipe through to indicate your approval (or rejection). If and when there is a mutual approval, you will be able to message the other person. Make sure your profile has flattering photos and intriguing tidbits about yourself to increase your chances of a match.

2. Need to express your thoughts anonymously?

Yik Yak

Mobile apps of a New Yorker Yik Yak

(Left: An example of the statuses people may right on Yik Yak; Right: The home screen while the feed loads.)

Sure Facebook and Twitter are great for expressing your thoughts –no matter how random they may be— but there always comes a time when you desperately need to get something off your chest without anyone knowing that you are the author. Yik Yak is used among college students across the US (and can be accessed globally as well). The various colleges and universities in New York (NYU, Columbia, Pratt, Parsons, and FIT, to name a few) have made Yik Yak mainstream among New Yorkers in their late teens and early 20’s. On Yik Yak, you might see people write about missed connections, a particularly notable interaction with a stranger, or frank comment about a current event. The anonymity allows people to write provocative and unpopular views as well as positive and humorous observations –all of which can be “up-voted”, “down-voted”, or commented on by users. Before downloading Yik Yak, users should beware that it is not uncommon to see raunchy references or explicit language.

3 Need a quick coffee fix?


Mobile Apps of a New Yorker - phone

(Left: Screenshots of the CUPS application; Right: Photo of Bakeshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one of CUPS’ partner locations)

One thing you should know about New Yorkers is that we love our coffee. That’s why CUPS, an app designed just for NYC, hits all the right notes. Thanks to a genius mobile app development company you can now download something that will tell you where the nearest and best coffee shops are based on your location, to get a cup of joe on the go hassle-free. Design your own drink (once you have selected a participating coffee shop), and present your phone to the cashier to have the drink made. For super coffee addicts, there are subscription plans to grant you the coffee you need when you need it, at your usual spot.

4 For the efficient trip planner… Or lost pedestrian


Mobile apps of a New Yorker- HopStop

(Left: A crowded subway in New York City; Right Hopstop’s logo)

Whether you’re the most time-conscious traveller or the most disoriented city dweller, it never hurts to have a map app to help you get around. While your cell phone may have a navigation application already programmed, HopStop is tailored for New York. You can see subway, bus, and rail schedules as well as a transit maps. On top of that, you will have access to time and cost estimates if you want to go to your destination via taxi. Or, if you’re looking for a free alternative, check out the walking and bike routes. HopStop’s real-time updates are a life saver, because despite the schedules for public transportation in NYC, there is likely to be delays or changes that could turn what was supposed to be a 15 minute subway ride into an hour long.

5 Already completed your NYC bucket list? Add some more things to do!


Mobile apps of a New Yorker- YPlan

(Left: Logo of the application, YPlan; Right; Photo of a Batsu!, a performance based on Japanese game shows, available through YPlan)

There are constantly new concerts, shows, exhibitions, and restaurant openings in New York, so you never truly run out of things to do. While YPlan may primarily be a gem for tourists —who after visiting the Statue of Liberty, going to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, and walking through Times Square, believe they have exhausted all options— it is also of great use to NY natives seeking more comedy, culture, film, music, and food & drink. Find scavenger hunts, live comedy based on hilarious Japanese game shows, boozy tours in various neighborhoods, and more. YPlan tries to give its customers a good deal, so if you’re on the lookout for something new and affordable to do in NYC, give it a shot!

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