10 Best Mobile Apps Of 2016 That Cashed In Maximum Downloads!

2016 has been a crazy year for all techno-savvies with varied app and devices launches. Here are the list of apps that made 2016 a technology friendly year.


Are you running late? But at the same time, you find afascinating article online that interest you to spend time on it? No worries. Pocket enables the users to save articles, blogs and videos with an internet connection and enables them to view it later without any usage of data. This app is at its best during tube journeys, flights and long trains. Make the best use of your time available.





Timehop can literally be the best app of the year. It enables the users to look on to their past, as in it hops back in time and allows them to know what they exactly did on that particular day, years ago. A bad haircut or the drunken pictures? It’s the time to hop on to those memories and cherish them.




Are you a selfie addict or do you take a lot of pictures? It is now the time to change them into a masterpiece withPrisma. The app uses artificial intelligence algorithms and neutral networks transform your pictures into a strange modern art. It’s quite complex and weird in its own way, but delivers quirky images and the result is just phenomenal.





This is yet another most favourite and downloaded app of the year by all the photo enthusiasts. This app is specially designed for iPhones and enables the users to edit their photos with various inbuilt tools in the app. It lets the users have a complete control over the shutter speed, ISO and the white balance. With varied filters and adjustable strength, it produces an authentic pictures to its users.

VSCO cam



This app is a life saver to all those spendthrift out there in the market. This app controls your cash inflow and outflow, enables you to know your expenses on your daily bases and monitors your cash flow. It also categorises and labels your expenses and allows you to know how much you have been spending on that particular thing for the whole month. It links your banking details and enables you to have a hassle free shopping.




For all those who don’t want to procrastinate, would love to do their work on time and submit them before the deadline, this app is an essential. Todist allows you to feed in your day and allows you to tick them off once it’s completed. It helps you stick on to your deadline and allows you to prioritise things that are important for the day. This app is free and it’s a bonus.




Developed by Twitter, Periscope allows its users to live-stream whatever they are doing from any part of the world. It enables the users on the other end to view them and give instant feedbacks. It’s quick to set up and easy to use. Its helps the users to get push notification when the people they follow are online and if you miss any live-streams, worry not. You can watch it again on a later time period without any hitch.





Are you a frequent traveller? Troubled with hotels at the last minute or would like to have a homestay at the destination you are flying to? Airbnb allows you to find, arrange and rent a place in your destination at a low cost. You can either stay with the host depending on the availability. It helps you to find your accommodation with a wide range of available options and allows you to contact to the host and pay for your accommodation all in one go, all at one place. All the frequent travellers, this app is handy and is a must have.





This is yet another most downloaded app by the frequent travellers which allows them to know the best airfare in the market. All it does is literally scan the sky, meaning, scans all the websites that provides air tickets, compares the prices and gives you the cheapest airfare possible. C’mon, who doesn’t like to cut cost on their air tickets? Budget your air tickets and spend more at your destination.





Do you get stuck with a song in your head that you have heard a long time ago and not sure about what the song is? Don’t worry. Soundhound is designed in order to recognise the song that has been haunting you for a while now. You hear a song out somewhere and you instantly fall in love with it, but you actually don’t know what song is. Open the app and allow it to recognisethe song. Save it and listen to them at your leisure time.



Collaborator: Roshan Dhanasekar

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